Bet Midrash Ohel Torah Of Lakewood


At the behest of our Rabbanim, and with the encouragement and approval of Gedoli Yisroel, we have opened a post-Israel Bet Midrash for the boys in our community. Yeshivah Bet Midrash Ohel Torah opened in May 2016, in Lakewood, N.J. with fourteen boys. The Yeshivah consists of a Bet Midrash with a full-time staff and a dormitory. The boys receive freshly cooked meals daily, as well as a Shabbat Seudah with the Rosh Yeshivah in his home. All this contributes to a warm environment which gives the boys the opportunity to develop a strong everlasting relationship amongst themselves and with their Rebbeim. At the end of the zman, the Yeshivah made a Masebah and each Bachur spoke from their heart of their accomplishments and their closeness to the Rebbeim. It was truly inspiring. We believe this environment will be extremely instrumental in our goal of producing true Beni-Torah that will give back to the future generations of our community. In the merit of your partnership and support, may we all be zoche to all the berachot of the Torah, and witness the glory of Torah in our midst.


Rosh Yeshiva - Rabbi Yaakov Harari

Mailing Address - 1126 Carolina St. Lakewood Nj 08701

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